Thought you were different

What a shame – I told you so much about my life, my dreams, my likes and dislikes, etc, etc. And you told me how I’m so pretty, nice, perfect, etc, etc.

And now you don’t have the decency to say hi to me.

Of all people, you’re the last person I expected to come out of the closet as an asshole. Congrats.


First time in forever

I saw three pictures of you on Instagram today.

The first, I saw your small, pale face and for once, didn’t even bat an eye. I just stared, in awe of how I let someone like you take everything out of someone like me. I guess it’s not hard to do, use a person like me until her heartstrings are wrapped around your every finger. 

The second I saw you with a girl.  A girl you claim to love although the feeling is not mutual. It’s all too familiar.

The third I saw you with a friend. The position you put me in, the position I’m not so sure if I’m willing to fill this year.

How foolish of me, yet how foolish of you. I could have had the moon and stars, and you an endless galaxy.