College Life: Mixed Emotions

So toooomorrow, toooomorrow, finally, tomorrow, I’m headed back to col-lege! (Hope you put that to the tune of Little Orphan Annie’s song)

Yep, tomorrow’s the day.  After a month and a half of chillin’ in my home state, it’s back to Maryland to study, dance, have movie nights, and eat good ol’ cafe food. I can easily say I’m ready to leave my home. All of my high school friends have returned to college weeks ago, leaving me with a few books, my Mac, and a lot of time to waste online.  I do have a job, but I wasn’t scheduled too often once the New Year started.  Basically, I’ve been gaining weight (and trying to prevent that by performing some – surprisingly exhausting – Pinterest workouts), watching movies, and reading all of my sister’s book suggestions.  I recently read and watched both The Spectacular Now and Flowers in the Attic.  The book versions of both stories were much better – obviously.

Anyway, this is besides my focus for this blog post. 

Just sitting here tonight, I look around my bedroom with the little tv, the dance trophies, the warm and fuzzy blankets Mom won’t let me take to school, the seemingly endless collection of clothing, shoes, and jewelry, and all of my memorabilia and photos of years passed. Don’t get me wrong – I love college life – but there is something so incredibly lovely about waking up around nine thirty each morning in fleece pajamas, only to shuffle down the hall to the kitchen, eat a quick breakfast, and then snuggle into my sheets and blankets and indulge in the next four hours of TLC’s programming.  Or deciding to concoct a smoothie with all of the spare fruits and yogurts scattering the fridge’s shelves.  Or opening up the blinds, cranking up my laptop’s stereo, launching Spotify, and cleaning out my closet.  No, my winter break was not filled with wild and crazy adventure, but it sure involved a lot of comfort, easiness, and happiness. I guess that’s what breaks are for, to recharge and relax.

I am so excited to see my friends, eat the cafe’s stir fry, and have unlimited freedom, but I am certainly going to miss my restful winter break.  Guaranteed, in exactly a week and a half from now, I will be crawling into bed, exhausted from dancing, studying, homework, and socializing, only to face the exact same thing the following day, and the day after that, and so on and so forth.  

But then I realize that yes, although college is stressful, my major isn’t exactly what I’d call “difficult,” plus I willingly admit that I love to be busy.  I just hope this break hasn’t turned me into an unmotivated slug. 

Well, as you can see, this post is on the verge of pointlessness, so I best head off to bed.  Goodnight, y’all (I gotta start talking like a Marylander again). 


Future Talk

While watching TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, I decided to look up some of the Duggar girls on Google Images.  Let me just say, Jessa Duggar, who is courting a lad named Ben Seewald, is gorgeous beyond belief.  I am so envious of her long curly locks!  

Anyway, this show has me so excited for my future! No, I don’t aspire to have nearly twenty children, but I do want a larger family.  Growing up with only one other sibling was sort of boring, so I definitely want to have a big fam.  Lots of girls, too. (Just picture all the little headbands and tutus!!) 

My best guy friend insists I will grow up to become a constantly-pregnant dance teacher. I can’t say I disagree. 

Maybe first I should get a boyfriend. 

Obsessing Over Alex and Ani!!



I bought my first Alex and Ani yesterday and I must say, I am already obsessed with the brand!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this brand, Alex and Ani bangles are eco-friendly and infused with positive energy.  They’re made to stack and feature a really neat expandable design.  Not to mention, they are GORGEOUS!!! 

My first A & A is my initial in Russian Gold.  I originally wanted my birthstone, as January is my birth month, but unfortunately, the store was out of stock!  However, since I’m uber obsessed with monograms, I just had to buy a bracelet featuring my initials!  Since I had a gift card to the store for $10, I got my bangle for only $18!

I’m not one to spend a lot of money on jewelry (or really anything for that matter), but these bracelets are a must-have.  Even though some come in gold and others in silver, you can mix the metals and the jewelry still looks cohesive and gorgeous! 

I can’t wait to expand my collection! I know where some of my birthday money is going…


What do you think of these bracelets? Leave a comment!!!