New Year

I truly cannot believe another year has come and gone. This past year has been incredible, filled with new college friends, multiple first kisses, a summer filled with both working and adventure, concerts galore, my first “official” job, tons of hardcore dancing, drunken nights, my first frat formal, and a discovery of who I really am as a person. I’ve learned so much through all of the laughs and the pain, and am so sad I have to leave my favorite year (so far!) behind in the dust.

As for 2015, I have a few goals that I’m going to turn into a reality:

1. Lose 15 pounds

2. Join a sorority

3. Learn to spoil myself every so often

4. Kiss a lot of new lips

5. Get at least a 3.9 both semesters

6. Have the best summer ever

7. Eat as little gluten as possible

8. Become super duper crafty

9. Stretch every single day

10. Make 2015 even better than 2014

Here’s to a great year!



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