20 Signs You Grew Up In A Small Country Town


Thought Catalog


1. You didn’t have Blockbuster Video or Hollywood Video to rent movies. It was either some weird name like “Silverscreen Movies” or a random store where you could rent movies and also go tanning.

2. Your teacher would accidentally call you by your older sibling’s name since she was their teacher, and probably your parent’s teacher, too.

3. Most people get excited when a big concert or sporting event was coming to their city. You and your friends were stoked that a Burger King was opening up a few miles away.

4. As far as ethnic foods went, you had a Chinese buffet, a Mexican restaurant, and a Taco Bell knockoff.

5. You didn’t have to make plans on Friday night because if there was a high school football game, you knew where everyone was going to be.

6. If you saw smoke you didn’t call the fire department because it…

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