College Life: Random

Things I’ve learned since college began:

Good skin and heavy sleep are impossible – that’s why naps and AcZone exist.

You don’t think you’ll meet people who come from absolutely horrible backgrounds, but in reality these people surround you. Don’t judge them – their battles might be tougher than yours to fight.

Forget about dressing nice for classes – it’s not gonna happen and it’s not worth it.  Save your cute outfit for a dinner with friends or a party.

Speaking of parties, they’re a lot of fun when you’re sober.  You can still act drunk; nobody can tell the difference (and nobody really cares).

Sometimes you will feel the need to cuddle with everyone around you. Just do it, they’re your friends and they probably want cuddles, too.

The cafeteria food isn’t that repulsive, just not always consistent.

Be nice to the food service workers.  They are here to cook you food all day long – not even your mother does that.

If it says it’s going to rain, pack an umbrella. And if you don’t have rain boots, GO BUY SOME!

Have both big groups of friends, a small group of friends, and one really good on-campus friend. The big group will laugh at your stories, the small group will comfort you in times of need, and that one college bff will let you tell her absolutely anything and everything that’s on your mind.

Avoid cuties in the laundry room. Especially when you are washing your bras and undies.

Seriously, get a cuddle buddy.

Remember, it’s four years of your life you will NEVER get to relive.  So stay awake for them, Sleepyhead. 😉


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