Question Time!!

Cute Questions, send me a number
1:What do you like to wear to bed? a tshirt and sweatpants or pajama pants
2:What’s your favorite Disney movie? Tangled!
3:3 random facts about yourself 1) It would take a lot to get me to buy a shirt priced over $12. 2) Dance is my everything 3) I’m obsessed with baby names
4:Your go-to outfit? My cream-colored sweater, leggings, combat boots
5:List 5 things you like about yourself, you studly wonderful person you. 1) I’m passionate 2) I respect others 3) I love-yet-hate the spotlight 4)I’ll never “grow up” 5) I’m true to who I am
6:What’s your favorite thing to have another person do to you? Ie scratch your back, play with your hair  Cuddle me 
7:What shoes do you usually wear? Oxfords, Sperrys, Keds, or combat boots
8:If you could change anything about your appearance would you? And what? No more pimples!
9:What is something you find really cute on a potential romantic/sexual partner? If both genders, say one for each or something that applies to both.  I like a goofy, quirky personality.  Someone who is exactly who they appear to be.  Or someone who appears one way but is actually another.
10:If you could spend an hour with your favorite celebrity, who would you choose and what would you spend the time doing? Julie Andrews.  We’d relive her Sound of Music Days
11:If you could have any color/cut of hair and price/damage to your hair/others opinions weren’t an obstacle, would you change anything? What would you have? I think i’d just want longer hair, maybe a little thinner and a tad curlier
12:You won 1 million in the lottery! What are you gonna do?  Pay for my sister’s college, reimburse my parents for my dance expenses, and buy a house somewhere.
13:What’s something you want in your life?  Consistency
14:What is an opinion more than one person has had about you that was incorrect? That I’m a prude, or that I’m really shy
15:Name a celebrity who you often wish you looked like. Mila Kunis!!
16:What is the best compliment someone can give you/your favorite compliment to receive? I’m a good dancer, I have an attractive personality.
17:Favorite type of weather? fall – warm in daytime, chilly at night
18:Favorite book? Catcher in the Rye and The Spectacular Now

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