Obsessing Over Alex and Ani!!



I bought my first Alex and Ani yesterday and I must say, I am already obsessed with the brand!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this brand, Alex and Ani bangles are eco-friendly and infused with positive energy.  They’re made to stack and feature a really neat expandable design.  Not to mention, they are GORGEOUS!!! 

My first A & A is my initial in Russian Gold.  I originally wanted my birthstone, as January is my birth month, but unfortunately, the store was out of stock!  However, since I’m uber obsessed with monograms, I just had to buy a bracelet featuring my initials!  Since I had a gift card to the store for $10, I got my bangle for only $18!

I’m not one to spend a lot of money on jewelry (or really anything for that matter), but these bracelets are a must-have.  Even though some come in gold and others in silver, you can mix the metals and the jewelry still looks cohesive and gorgeous! 

I can’t wait to expand my collection! I know where some of my birthday money is going…


What do you think of these bracelets? Leave a comment!!!


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