Rant Time: Childish

I am the most juvenile person I know.

I am eighteen (soon to be nineteen) and I love Disney princesses, Barbies, watching Drake and Josh and Zoey 101 reruns, Disney Channel original movies, Lizzie McGuire, Polly Pockets, and basically anything else that was slightly popular in 1998-2005.  I don’t know if this is a healthy thing or not.  I love certain things about our world today, but I feel that the world was so much simpler and enjoyable and CREATIVE 15 years ago, when I was first introduced to pop culture.  It saddens me that kids today don’t know about the Fisher Price Loving Family doll houses or Blues Clues or even Play Doh.  

Are we robbing today’s children of creativity?  Is technology the “better” way to engage our children in playtime and entertainment activities?

What do you think?


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