My campus is fairly large, it takes an approximate twenty to thirty minute walk to reach the other side.  While that factor is just an opportunity to get some exercise, I find that I only know a fraction of kids who go here, nearly all of them girls. 

Being a dance major is probably the easiest major in the entire universe.  As you’d probably assume, we dance majors spend significantly more time in the studio than we do sitting in a classroom.  We are with each other constantly.  There’s only about 20 of us in the freshman class program.  Don’t get me wrong, all (well most) of my fellow majors are extremely lovely girls.  The problem is, I am confined to my dance friends, my dorm friends, and my club friends.  Almost all girls.  I know it’s only my first semester, but I’d be curious to know if I will find my future husband here.  Seems pretty impossible at this rate – as the only access to guys I have are at parties (which I don’t even attend; my philosophy is that I can’t control myself around cookies so why should I expect myself to have self control around alcohol?).  And everybody knows that party boys make pretty shitty husbands in the long run.  So, hopefully I’ll find my “prince charming” at college, although I certainly have my doubts. Maybe I’ll meet him at Disney World one day, if I ever get a job there.  That’s something to be hopeful for.


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