Molly Long’s Run the World Choreography

I’ve been watching YouTube dance videos since Amanda Ocampo graced the stage with her seven-year-old powerhouse skills and personality. Dance competitions have certainly evolved since then, more creative concepts, intricate props, revealing costumes, and complex choreography.
Molly Long has been the target of many, many horrified parents who claim that her dance moves are far too risque for six, seven, and eight-year-olds to tackle. She was the choreographer for Dance Precisions’ Single Ladies routine, which gained media criticism in 2010, and the trio My Boyfriend’s Back, which has nearly 30,000,000 views on YouTube.
I strongly disagree with this criticism. While yes, Molly’s choreography is hardly considered “dainty” or “childish,” it demonstrates the true talent of her dancers. Her choreography is more than difficult. Small hand movements, quick hip and chest isolations, and speedy footwork compliment already-challenging dance moves, like fouette turns, needles, and grand battements. I find it astonishing that kindergarten and first graders have the ability to pick up this choreography, much less perform it in such synchronization (when I was that young, highlights of my dance abilities included pivot turns and two-handed cartwheels).
Molly, however you teach these young ones to dance so intricately, keep it up.


What do you think of these powerhouse’s performance?


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